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Rynda Laurel




☂️ Catalyst for Musicians & Creatives. ☀️ Founder of VRYeveryday Mood Balancing Supplements and Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing. 🧠🧘🏻‍♀️Holistic Recovery & Mental Health Advocate with 28 years of sobriety. 🎙Speaker and Moderator 🎹Advisory Board for 🎶Music Business 30+ years. 🎼2021 Music Clients: Greg Dulli, The Afghan Whigs, Evan Williams/Bright World, Jesse Dayton. 🔮 Believer of Spiritual Practices and Quantum Physics. ✨ Astronomy + Astrology. 📚Life long learner of a multitude of subjects. 📷 Photogragher. 📍Joshua Tree + Paris