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Energetic Psychologist, Educator & Subconscious Innovator🎭 ☀️Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary☀️ Ryan/Bryan I have many names Be Weird, keep it Simple, and Chillax🤟 🌊💪📚️🚵🌋🎮👽🚐✈🌍 I'm not from this planet⭐ °Subconscious Secrets❓ °Energetic Phycology⚡ °Holistic Wellness🥑 °Neuroscience🧠 °Gamification🎮 °Freedom🔑 °Crypto💰 °Magic🧙‍♂️ LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Stay up to date on my projects FOLLOW accounts:🙏👍 @Vibrational_Positivity🧞‍♀️ Link in my IG bio!❤️☝️