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Ryan Berman




CEO @ Courageous // cohost of The Courageous Podcast // Consulting or Keynoting: Google, Kellogg’s Europe, Snap, Major League Baseball, J&J, Kraft Heinz, etc ———————🦁———————— Knowledge + Faith + Action = Courage 🦁 Founder: Courageous // corporate fear fighter who helps you fight fear. create change. save humanity. 🎙Host: “The Courageous Podcast” // Apple, Spotify, 📔Author: “Return On Courage: A Playbook for Courageous Change // Amazon, 🗣 keynote speaker: inspired at Google, Snap, Logitech, Kellogg’s Europe, charity: water, Qualcomm, etc // 🦾 courageous leadership helps leaders fight fear and create change // 🧦 My Courage Brand: Sock Problems: we “sock” problems in the world w/ socks // ———————🦁———————— 🤦🏻‍♂️ Imperfect human, optimist, dad, husband, sports fan 🖊 stealth mode writing athlete memoir (announced later) 🔗 🧠 weekly dose of courage: 🤝 connect away: [email protected]