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Richard P




My focus is on training the mind to better deal with today’s Social stresses. This task may seem nearly impossible, considering the amount of disinformation present in today's environment. When mentioning mind training, we tend to associate the study with Eastern philosophies like Buddhism; that is not the case here. Our objective is to explore our inner nature to answer questions about ourselves in simple terms. Everyone believes in the Truth; why would anyone admit to believing a LIE? Frequently, a LIE is Masqueraded as the truth, sometimes knowingly, other times by blind acceptance of tradition. Everyone wants to be on the right side, but what is right? Is there a universal truth? Yes, but a single person can't know it. It will require a collective mind to piece the puzzle together. I believe we all are brainwashed to question what is the purpose of our lives, and we live out our lives in the quest to answer that question. But what is the answer as simple as doing nothing? If we opt to do nothing, we are criticized by society as being lazy and worthless, but what if that is wrong? What if life is about existing in the now and nothing more?