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Roy “Wolf” Davila




🎓Sales Leadership Trainer🎓 🐺Creator WolfPack Mastermind🐺 🏦Host of Sales Tower Talk🏦 🙌🏼Mr. Accountability🙌🏼 🚨Clubhouse Contributer🚨 🔥Leader of People🔥 🚗Automotive Leader🚗 💯20 Group Speaker💯 🔑Keynotespeaker@DigitalDealer🔑 ‼️Carving out my place in the🌎‼️ 🙏Automotive Leadership Coach🙏🏽 🎙 Podcast Host 🎙 High Level Game Changer in the automotive space with a PROVEN background in turning sales departments around and maximizing GROSS and Volume at the same time. Led the nation with groups such as Lithia in PVR, gross, and YoY growth. Former Platform Variable Op. Director, GM, GSM, Finance Director, Special Finance Director, Used Car Director, New Car Director, Sales Manager Connect: 361.480.4499 cell I was given my nickname "wolf" in the summer of 2012 after an associate was observing my work ethic. He said, everyone wants to be a lion, but you’re a wolf. A lion will eat until full, and leave the scraps. But a wolf will eat until it’s all gone or he’s dead. I have had great success turning struggling departments to competitive form. Experience as a closer, finance manager, finance director, special finance director, internet/bdc manager, new car and used car manager, new car director, used car director, GSM, Variable Operations Director, General Manager. I have also created a training process for new hires that not only follows the road to the sell, but explains in depth why each is important, as well as a training platform for desk and sales managers. But my biggest accomplishment is not doubling a stores performance, or taking a failing store from in the red to green, my greatest accomplishment has been helping to change the lives of the sales professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.