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Roxy Ndebumadu




I tell stories for a living. You can find me taking up space in rooms I don’t belong in. 💄Bringing back femininity to the boardroom. Accidental Councilwoman. Intersecting policy, technology, brand awareness, and cognitive dissonance for leisure also sometimes at Twitch or Brookings Institution. 🎙 Boycotting the ideals of pricing increases, sorry not sorry Netflix. In addition to striking the biases of AI while pretending the ATS scanner is inclusive. Now that’s intellectual futility! 📖 Here’s what I’m currently reading... Custodians of the Internet by Tarleton Gillespie and Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows. Ask me about it later! My clubs, sixth and third at the bottom👇🏾: 🇺🇸 Politics Today Club 🧠 Thought Provoking 📍DC | Nigeria