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Rosie Strahm




Bios are monotonous so go check out my insta to view my artistic work as a baker/food decorator. But for those of you who enjoy bios 👇👇👇 I am the founder, owner and head baker of Sweet Rosie’s. My bakery/coffee shop is located in Sabetha, Kansas - basically in the middle of America! I bake a wide variety of desserts except for basic sheet cakes because life’s too short for boring sheet cakes. My baking started with breads - anything from sweet rolls like cinnamon or caramel pecan rolls to fruit filled twists to savory rolls like garlic knots, dinner rolls, sourdough breads etc. From there I transitions to custom desserts like cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, galettes, cookies and every once in awhile I get to put together some fun charcuterie boards or cater some small lunches or get togethers. I’m always trying to experiment with different ingredients and flavor profiles!! Hopefully this coming year I’ll start selling a few things online through my website and playing around with a you tube channel.