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🔱🐚Samantha🧿“Rosegold”🧜‍♀️🔱 ⚜️🌺CEO Cosmic Sound Garden⚜️🌻 Vocal Sound Practitioner 🎤📿 Medicine Woman | Ceremonies 🍄🌵🌞🦅 Reiki II & Akashic Records certified 💯Alkaline Truth Bearer⚖️⚔️🧜‍♀️Madre 🌊Agua 🌕EMPRESS OF JUSTICE🌍 writer at heart, singer at soul. & Healer by Divine Grace🙏 to learn more about what I do as an holistic vocal sound & plant medicine integration Coach please visit for a list of services. I AM love I AM sound I AM a prism of light & use sound as a tool & medicine in itself, integrating , self healing ,transformation , high level awareness of self, others, & universal energy . As a coach I dive deep into subconscious reprogramming using Ancient & Personally developed tools / traditions , and intuitive & energy healing techniques. People who may benefit from connecting : Healers Those in need of a mentor/ inspirational Coach Those experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety , depression or physical pain or dis ease. Those looking to cultivate a daily meditation or self awareness practice. Plant medicine Seekers 🍄🍃🌵 Starseeds Musical Artist & Aspiring Singers Professional Vocalists Transgender Voice Change services / rooms on clubhouse: Tarot/ Intuitive Readings Reiki II Sound Meditation Vocal Toning Classes Cleansing Rituals Herbal Remedies Aura Cleansing Soaps House Cleansing + Floor Washes Visit for our winter holistic body & home product collection. (Smudge sticks + incense blends + ceremonial sea salt scrub & foot soak, spiritual cleansing soaps, intention candles) gift cards available on website.