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Ronke Faleti




👋 master strategist | 🤝 Community focused | Founder | Space-as-a-Service at korédé 🏡 Beta testing ‘we-work’ without the work for moms - DM “house” to learn more. Pilot markets: Austin, Kansas City, Charlotte 🎙Podcast Host — womaning in place 👜 Handbag designer @shopkorede Pronounced “Ron-Keh” Bringing goodness to the ‘woman’ behind the mom | Strategist | 2x Patent Owner Mom to 👦🏽👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽 rocket ships — ROI is legacy. Married to my forever boyfriend. 10yrs+ 💯 Motherhood hack - before doing it, buying it or feeling guilty about it, I ask myself, what did my grand-mother do? 9.8million of us are experiencing burnout — 89% of mothers feel unsupported by society, let’s change that...together! Something I’m really good at - getting babies to sleep. Strategic planning, ideation, problem solving, laughing out loud, compassionate toward the other, and more. I am my dream coming true and I thank God for all of it. 3 life mottos: - live a life of little or no regrets - don’t delay joy - wait to worry! I want to get on Shark Tank I want to meet - Sara Blakely of Spanx - Boz - My dreams