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Romona Armon




I am the Founder and CEO of My Sisters Empowerment Network. I specialize in coaching/mentoring 🔹Teenage mothers 🔹High school drop outs 🔹Victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse 🔹Life after divorce 🔹End of life caregiving. ♾ I am a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach (PWN) ♾ Long Hauler and Covid Survivor 🥰I have a loving blended family. Previous teen mom (age 16) of seven (five from the womb)children and one brand new grand. I am now married to the love of my life for 16 beautiful years and counting. 🥰 💰$RomonaShanay Keynote and workshop topics 💎Life After Divorce 💎Loving yourself first 💎The process to your promise 💎It is ok to forgive 💎Caring for yourself while caregiving for others