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👩🏾‍💻Business Fundamentals Coach to Virtual Assistants and Virtual Service Providers. 🖐🏾Your #virtualbizbestie 🎉Virtual Assistant Daily To Do Journal is LIVE on Amazon! [Click The Link In My Bio on IG to Grab Yours or Search Virtual Assistant Daily To Do Journal on Amazon]🎉 👩🏾‍💻Administrative Consultant to Small Business Entrepreneurs looking to build a location independent business. 🖐🏾Your #entrepreneursecretweapon ✨I help virtual service providers master the systems and processes that help them build sustainable businesses they love and loves them back! You know Why you want to start a business; my zone of genius is to show you HOW to build out your business as a service provider and have fun while doing it.✨ 🏠Join The Club - Virtual Biz Bestie ➡️ Access Clubhouse Resources 🍎Learn More: 🌟Use code: CLUBHOUSE for 15% off my evergreen virtual assistant courses and masterclasses at 🌏 Founder of the Virtual Biz Besties Private SLACK Community [Join Us for fun, month guest experts and access to free trainings] ⚫️Creative at [ Funny and Inspiring Merch for Virtual Entrepreneurs ] To 🔌Connect go to: ⚡️ And... 📲Book a complimentary discovery call 🖥Join my private SLACK community 📝Grab my Freebies 💻Read my Blog ⚫️ 🕶Follow me on TikTok @virtualbizbestie 🎙Book me to speak 📧Join my mailing list ⛱Miramar, Florida 🇯🇲Jamaican Born ✈️Travel Enthusiast 🍳Professional Weekender 🚴🏽‍♀️Cyclist 🧔🏾Wife 👧🏽Mom The 💣.com. 📥DM me on Instagram👩🏾‍💻