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Roger Huang




Tianxia(天下),cybersecurity club, and Mandarin Learners club co-admin. EconTalk and Longform founder. Profile picture is currently Ba Jin (巴金) who through his simple writing outlived the grand transformations of 20th century China and showed the world what a country bathed in Zola, Kropotkin, and Chekhov rather than Marx, Engels and Mao might have looked like. Forbes/Fast Company contributor on cryptocurrencies/ML, Hong Kong Free Press, Toronto Star, and Los Angeles Review of Books on China/Hong Kong. My hero is HGW/XX7. My muses are Walt Whitman, Ba Jin, George Orwell and Albert Camus. Bitcoin, China, geopolitics, history, literature, machine learning and economics are my central focuses, though I geek out on many things. I really want to start more Dreyfus Affair and Spanish Civil War rooms. I speak English, Mandarin, French and Spanish. “Of course, the terrible things I heard from the Nuremberg Trials, about the six million Jews and the people from other races who were killed, were facts that shocked me deeply. But I wasn't able to see the connection with my own past. I was satisfied that I wasn't personally to blame and that I hadn't known about those things. I wasn't aware of the extent. But one day I went past the memorial plaque which had been put up for Sophie Scholl in Franz Josef Strasse, and I saw that she was born the same year as me, and she was executed the same year I started working for Hitler. And at that moment I actually sensed that it was no excuse to be young, and that it would have been possible to find things out.” - Traudl Junge, Hitler’s secretary, on The White Rose resistance to Nazism