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Rod Shields




I’ve Lived through 5 Recessions I Survived and thrived 🏦 Landlord Businessman Entreprenur Classic car investor Number plate Collector/Broker Domain name enthusiast Team Dyslexia I always Think Outside The Box Someone sees 1 bed flat on the market for 1 year I see a 2 bed high yielding apartment 😎 Others see a rundown ugly council house and I’m the only bidder, I see 5 bed HMO. I like to add value and work with what I have rather than extending. BRR= Buy Refurb Reconfigure (1b to 2bed) BRR= Buy Refurb Refinance BRR= Buy Renew Lease Rent My favourite property strategy The best way to get a free property legally and tax free ( you only pay tax when you sell) Just Buy Refurb Refinance (JU57 BRR) BTL-HMO-BRR-SA-Commercial 🇬🇧🇯🇲🇳🇬📍