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📺 UFO Tv Show Personally - Youtuber Featured In upcoming History Channel’s Ancient Aliens Discovery + Channel - “Alien Endgame” now streaming Featured on Gaia’s Beyond Belief w/ George Noory Featured on Gaia’s Open Mind w/ Regina Meredith Featured in Billy Carson’s Black Knight Satellite : Beyond The Signal created 4Biddenknowledge.Tv Featured in FoxTubi : Aliens. Abduction and Roswell 75 4Biddenknowledge: Brand Ambassador GAIA ( streaming consciousness ) : Brand Ambassador 👋Clubhouse Creator First Winner: 📘Author: Newly release book : How To Become A Clubhouse Influencer. Available on 👽 Why The Big Secret™ Clubhouse Club Founder over 25k members! 💻 website: 🛸 UFO Investigator - MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network ) 🎥 Host of YouTube channel Why The Big Secret™ 🎙 Host of Podcast Why The Big Secret™ 📚 Storyteller at heart creating captivating conversations that will certainly cause controversy. 👽Uncover the possibility of new truths and lies you never knew you were told, in a recurring UFO and extraterrestrial focused show hosted by one of the world’s Black certified UFO investigators. More about Roderick : “It’s Time To Believe” 💵 cash app : $WhyTheBigSecret - all donations and support to the subject of UFOLOGY accepted.