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⭐️⭐️ NEW INSIGHTS PAPER for LEADERS⭐️⭐️ C-suite leader Priorities: 20 big ideas to combat the Great Resignation: I help leaders and high-potentials love their jobs, and their jobs to love them back. HR leaders apply to join our executive roundtable: Get your free career soul searching Assessment: ⭐️ Help Execs, Teams Rock Your Leadership Potential ⭐️ THE Virtual Visibility Expert/Speaker Solving Remote Challenges 👍 let’s co-mod & collaborate on Clubhouse @RockOnSuccess Connect on LinkedIn 🤩🤩🥸😎🤩😜 Truthbombs: and media angles ... 👍 A box of rocks saved my life! ⭐️ Featured in COSMO 30 years ago 💴 #wfh expert, did my master’s thesis on best practices for virtual teams in 2001...BEFORE 9/11, Let’s connect and collaborate on: 👍. Sharing your story from stages, online and monetizing your genius 👍 leadership, team-building 👍 executive coaching 👍 career transformation 👍 entrepreneurship 👍 diversity, inclusion and belonging 👍 best practices for virtual teams 👍 Rock your best resources for virtual events Media Bio: 🎬🎤🎧 Pat Roque, Career & Leadership Transformation Strategist, has appeared on Good Morning America, INC, New York Post, the Ladders, dozens more and is a contributor to Arianna Hufington’s Thrive Global. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, career success coach and author who lives a laptop life from Myrtle Beach, SC. Pat launched her company in 1988, and was a global event marketing pro who led major launches and trained around the world on the art and science of experiential events. She did her master’s thesis on best practices for virtual teams in 2001...BEFORE 9/11 built high demand for remote workers. Pat leverages her unorthodox career path as she empowers individuals and teams to shine the light on your zone of genius. Pat’s here to celebrate why YOU rock to bring out the best in you and your team for a stellar employee and customer experience. ⭐️ Hire me as a virtual speaker or Trainer ⭐️ Connect on LinkedIn: ⭐️ Want to apply to work with Pat as a Coach? Https:// ⭐️ Want to brainstorm collaboration over virtual coffee ?