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Grand Rising SLAY QUEENS💕💎👑 Rochelle “SLAY QUEEN” Hemingway is the Founder and CEO of SLAY To Success, LLC. SLAY To Success is a leadership & image consultant business. She empowers women with strategies who are working in executive leadership roles and women who a transformationalfor high-achieving professional women (specializing in coaching women of color serving in the military), who desire to Kill It, to Dominate It and to Nail It without burning out and sacrificing health, career, relationships or happiness! As she was climbing the promotion ladder and leading in elevated positions during her 30-year United States Air Force career, she noticed women, including herself, were suffering way too much for success and we’re missing out on the glorious living success in the military was supposed to provide. Today, Rochelle “SLAY QUEEN” Hemingway focuses her time and efforts on redefining the evolution of powerful and successful women leaders! Rochelle “SLAY QUEEN” Hemingway is also a wife, mom, health and fitness enthusiast, and Arbonne Independent Consultant. #SLAY is her lifelong hashtag mantra and an acronym based on leadership philosophies. 🌟S-Stay Ready To Be Ready 🌟L-Lead Out Loud 🌟A-A Sense of Family/Community 🌟Y-You Are Built To Last When Rochelle “SLAY QUEEN” Hemingway implemented these foundational philosophies later in her military career, she experienced a transformational life-changing shift in her mindset. With this renewed mindset, she started to work differently and ultimately put an end to sacrificing critical aspects of her life!!! Now in retirement, she coaches women to use her #SLAY philosophies and strategies to protect themselves against burnout, so they too can flourish and thrive. #SLAY Transformational Speaker | Executive Coach | Author | Health and Wellness Advocate | USAF Veteran | Black Speaker Network Member | Business Women Network of Howard County Member 📣📣🔥🔥NEW AUTHOR📣📣🔥🔥Published 1st book titled “#SLAY TO SUCCE$$‼️ Inspiring other military women leaders of color who are struggling with their identity and limiting beliefs to break their glass ceilings and SLAY their lives💥💥💥! Available to purchase on Amazon. IG@theslaybosslady