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Robin Stueber




Principal & Founder, People-Centered Leadership Honolulu, Hawaii USA ☀️ 🌊🌴 🇺🇸 📩 [email protected] 🌐 🌐 LinkedIN: robinstueber I help leaders reach higher levels of performance at work, and joyfulness in life by strengthening and optimizing mind and body. 🍃 🏋️ 🧠 🤸 🙏 🥇 How? 🗝️ Through workshops and retreats, programs, and speaking engagements. PROGRAMS: 💡 Mental Fitness for pressure management and cultivating healthy relationships. 💡 Health and wellness coaching for optimizing mental performance through physical vitality. CERTS & AFFILIATIONS: 🔸NBC-HWC - National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach 🔸FMCHC - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCA) 🔸CPQC - Certified Mental Fitness Coach (Positive Intelligence) 🔸 Tongue Fu! Certified Trainer 🔸️ CMWC - Certified Mental Wellness Coach (Marietta College) 🔸ACC - Associate Certified Coach (ICF) 🔸Humanitarian Coaching Network 🔸Institute of Coaching, affiliate of Harvard Medical School Signature Character Strengths: Gratitude, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Hope, Spirituality, Fairness, Love of Learning 🥰 OTHER LOVES: ✝️ God 🙋Gregg Stueber 👪 My 'ohana (a.k.a. family & close friends) 🐶 Summer, 🐱 Frankie, 🐕 Pepper 🗽 Liberty & economic freedom 🥬 Veggie gardening 🏓 Pickleball 📚 Reading - business, scifi, psychology 🤓 Nerdy things like technology, health sciences, philosophy & history.