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Robinson Xavier




Bachelor of Arts in English literature. Master of Arts in English Literature. Master of Philosophy in English Literature. Certificate Courses. Wesleyan University *Creative Writing *The craft of plot * The craft of setting and Description. *Understanding memory Explaining the psychology. Arizona State University *Teach English Now, Lesson design and Assessment. Duke University *Think again I How to understand arguments. Michigan State University *Write my First novel. Yad vashem * Antisemitism: From its origins to the person University of Toronto *Gender analytics for innovation. University of California, Santa Cruz *Feminism and Social Justice. *Grammar and Punctuation University of Melbourne *Sexing the canvas: Art and Gender University of Pittsburgh *Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the work place. University of Corlando System *Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender identies. Lanchester University *William Wordsworth: Poetry, place and people. Conventry University * Managing Mental health and stress Swinburne University of Technology *Supporting and engaging people with Autism. Future Learn *How to teach online: Provide continuity to the students. Accenture *Digital Skills: Digital Skills for work and life. University of Corlando *Buisness Writing A writer needs a thoughts and pen to convert his words to change the world. 🖋️ Novels are meant to read,novels are meant to find youself. Try to put the social problems in the world stage by using Tamil and English as a language weapon. Published author of my first novel. 'Lord of the Lay' A writer who needs to write a lot. Struggle, obstacles, negative thoughts are dumb you. But you can't dumb you, unless you had a trust with you. Novel link in my Insta page, and Amazon. do check,Read,waiting for your review and comments.