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Robin Legat




πŸ‘Š From feeling old to living AGELESS! πŸ’ͺ I help women over 40 age like athletes! πŸ“‹ I coach midlife & aging women to: -Get consistent with fitness without stress -Achieve bold athletic goals at any age -Become empowered by doing things you never imagined you could -Fall in love with fitness regardless of previous experience πŸ… Retired roller derby skater, 4x LA Derby Dolls season champion, OCR age group athlete, 60+ Spartan Races, 6x Spartan age group podiums, trail & road runner πŸŽ™ Host, Seasoned Athlete Podcast πŸ’‘ Online Coach, Mentor, 40+ Athlete, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Shmillie 😻 Cat mom to England Dan & John Ford Coley, former radio DJ, roller skater, 80s enthusiast, pasta lover, karaoke & shower singer Current location: Los Angeles 🌴 πŸ’» πŸ“¨ [email protected] πŸ“± Let’s connect! DM me on IG ⬇️