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500K YT Creator, with over 1000+ Videos, Keynote Speaker, Founder of Awesome Creator Academy and CEO of Create Awesome Media. ATL Entrepreneur. I have the insane ambition to take 100,000 Creators to a full-time income earning a $100,000 per year income and growing a network that can build the Creator Economy. Some people call me the “Sith Lord of YouTube”. I grew a 500K YouTube Channel while building my Coaching Business and Branding Agency full-time and serving 1500+ customers. I’ve made over 1300 YouTube Videos, Hosted over 2000 Live Streams, and done over 300 interviews in the last 8 years. All of this has been for the sake of building the Creator Economy and helping others turn their passion into profits. On Clubhouse I am here to help Educate and Motivate people to commit to their creativity. I’m here to build the next generation of Creative Entrepreneurs and destroy their mental blocks by wielding common sense like a sledgehammer. I’m not for everyone. I’m the Founder of Awesome Creator Academy Teaching Creators and Influencers how to go Full-time Professional Experience Speaker at: VidCon, Video Summit, Social Media Marketing World, Inbound, Video Marketing World, Adobe Summit, How Design Live Featured In: Forbes, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Huffington Post, Business Insider. Join the Awesome Creator Academy Membership Bootcamp for Creators - we train champions Learn the Business of being a Creator with over 100 hours of curated content Get Weekly Deep Dive Training Events Join our Weekly Live Office Hours Coaching Calls Hosted by Myself and Andy Rivera Become part of a community of accountability and encouragement This is not ONLY for YouTubers Access to exclusive resources and templates $59/mo the build your brand and business as a Creator DM me on Twitter or Instagram for more info!