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Robert Hazzard, Jr




Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Strategist, Mobilty Technology Sales Expert, Podcast Host ✅ What I Do: Problem solver for small businesses and start ups offering technology assistance, sales training and mobile automation which is the life blood of any business. ✅ About Me: Managing Director @ The Hazzard Group (THG) Mentor to our youth Born to inspire others to greatness ✅ Things I love: Foodie, 🍷Lover, 🌍 World Traveler, Lover of life, Christ Follower ✅ Writing my own book & contributed to others. “Faith, Failure, Success” “Lessons for the little boy” “Turning Point” ✅ Find me weekly: (Clubhouse) Club Administrator @ Strategy Hackers Room And Club 220 ✅ Social Media: Cast Member, “Live From The Cave” streaming on network DM and let’s connect. 👇🏽