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Robbie Bent




I moderate Psychedelic Weekly Deep Dive every Monday at 9pm EST where we interview leading entrepreneurs, therapists, researchers, legislators. This show is part of the Psychedelic Club w Jade Ullmann and Vine Ventures. DM me on Twitter @robbiebent1 or email at [email protected] Building: @go_inward 🔥🥶Inward: Healthy Social experience built around saunas and ice baths. Solving the loneliness epidemic and helping people connect with their emotions through beautifully designed spaces with world leading facilitators. / @inwardbreathwork 🫁Inward Breathwork: If you’ve struggled to implement a meditation practice, we make mindfulness fun with feelings of euphoria you can feel in a single session. We help people improve foundational breathing and HRV. About Me: 4 years at Ethereum Foundation ADHD and struggled with addiction, have been sober for 5 years Vipassana meditator. Design custom group psychedelic experiences. First 10 day dark retreat April 2021 DM 👇