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Dr Robin Lincoln Wood




Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood is an author, strategist, activist, entrepreneur, and enthusiastic visionary co-designing and building a thriveable future. His latest offering to the world is the Global Change Agent Program- you can get the basics on the free mini-course now live on Eight of his books and more background can be found at- His Medium articles are at: I halved my environmental footprint and doubled my quality of life moving from London to Perpignan, between the Pyrénées mountains and the Mediterranean, in 2003. I am living a thriveable life with my wife Elena and our cat Sweetie, and have two wonderful children in London aged 28 and 26. I’m privileged to have lived and worked in 37 nations and also to communicate and work virtually with people in 100’s of countries, co-creating a viable future for all of us. We are living in an emerging planetary civilization with all the blessings and curses associated with the transition from Game A to Game B. It is imperative that we accelerate this transition to deal with the six interconnected escalating global crises we face today, to create a thriveable future for us all. Visit the free mini-course to learn more about what role you can play in this great transition-