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Tax Club (CH) founder, CIO of, and author/keynote speaker 🔨He built which does Tax + Wealth + AI for entrepreneurs. ✋KEVIN O’LEARY - aka “Mr. Wonderful” -(of Shark Tank fame) and Vicki Gunvalson (noted entrepreneur and Real Housewife) talk about Kenner! 🎥To see their videos/comments, go to 🕸Most of his stuff can be seen at www.KennerFrench.Club. His main Web 3.0 world can be found at KennerFrench.x 🏭Interesting fact: He went to both Harvard and a community college. 🚀Where has his work been mentioned: NBC, Fox News, ABC - and MORE 🧼Host, Tax Club’s “Tax + 💰Tips w Kenner” (Daily, noon - eastern) 📚BTW, to order a copy of his book go to 🤷‍♀️All information provided by Kenner on this app is considered entertainment and NOT professional consultation. Inquire within. 👍🏼Kenner is the only one on Clubhouse who isn’t an influencer. He doesn’t care. 🕺To talk to his staff (and see they are the best around) dial: 888-808-VAST (8278), ext 701 or to schedule a meeting go to 🎶If you are a Dave Matthews Band follower, hang out with us in the DMB Fan Club here on CH or go to www.DMBfan.Club. See ya on the road...