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Sam De La Paz




Regenerative Economics, Nonprofit Communications & Fundraising, Cannabis & Hemp Policy, BizDev, Brand Advisor. Outspoken advocate of plant medicine, water, Social and Environmental Justice. “Exponential growth is achieved when we work together, as we then double and quadruple our VALUE/S.” - 😍 Forever Growing & Connecting 🌱 #MendoGrown ⛰👨🏽‍🌾 #SonomaStrong 🍇🍷 #BigIslandLiving 🌺🏝 —> Solving our SocioEconomic issues one step at a time. 👣💚🤙🏽 Let’s shift the current capitalistic and extractive paradigm. Founder RizeWize & GreenWave Consulting LLC. BOD at Biodegradable plastic disruptors As a long time Cannabis industry expert and lifelong study of Psychology and Philosophy. Sam evolved into an adept Social being. Deciding to “Crawl out of the Canopy”, he left the hills of Mendocino County to serve the community and sacred plant in ways more suited to his personal strengths. Sam found his calling in Business Strategy, Nonprofit Organizational Design, Communications, Fundraising, Marketing, Innovative Solutions Design, Sales and Cross-Industry Relationship Building. Becoming increasingly involved in policy-work and advocacy, while creating amazing bonds in the emerging green spaces, has led Sam to be honored with the appointed roles of: VP of the Hessel Farmers Grange (first Cannabis & Hemp Farmers Grange in the US), President of Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance, Regional Chair for Sonoma County, CA on Origins Council’s Regional Council (largest member-based Cannabis Advocacy Organization in California) and liaison of the Legacy Farming community on multiple fronts. Most recently, advising on Adult-Use legalization in Hawaii. Sam also had board seats and advises for several non-profits that are focused on environmental and social good. #KeepItGrangerly #LegacyRising @ohanalegacy @Bigislandgrange Interested in: • Strategic Planning & Big Picture💭 • Sustainability 🌳 • Decentralization 🧬 • Policy/Advocacy 👨🏽‍⚖️ • Environmental Justice ⚖️ • Social Justice/Social Equity 🤝 • Economic Reform 🌃 • Circular Economics ⭕️ 🍃 • Indigenous Wisdom 🦉 • Generational Reparations • Criminal Justice Reform ⛓ • Generational Wealth Building 💰 • Regenerative Farming 🌾👩‍🌾 • Regenerative Solutions of ANY kind 🔄 • COLLABORATION!!! 🤗 Email 📧: [email protected] or DM for inquiries... 💚