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Riya Madhyani




chemical engineer • poet • community builder she/hers • ree-ya • amplify BIPOC • BLM 🌊 hi! you are resilient & your voice matters grateful to hear you speak & your listening ear 🔍Superpower: I help people rebuild. resilient x kind x creative 🌿here to learn * listen * grow * support let’s collaborate x innovate x have some fun! 🔅would love to practice strategy skills how I can help connect the dots with you? 📍Dallas, TX. hometown: orlando, fl american x south asian x sindhi woman 👩🏻‍💻UF Chemical Engineer @ INEOS MBA Candidate ‘22 @ UNC - Chapel Hill STEM Advocate 📝Writer * Poet * Speaker Mental Health & Creative Advocate 🌻Community Builder & Storyteller IG blog: “Resilience with Riya” 💫Pageantry: Ms. India USA TX 2016 1st RU, Best Personality ☕️coffee, dance, sunshine, funny gifs 🔗 People connector ➕Interests: ▫️Tech | Product Management | Engineering Entrepreneurship | Venture Capital ▫️Health & Wellness | Emotional Intelligence Mental Health | Psychology ▫️Music | Art | Poetry | Writing | Non-Profits Humanity | Spirituality | Astrology 🌱Co-founder, South Asian Community: Dallas Ranis — inclusive, supportive, & safe space. 💌Would love to chat & learn more about you. Happy to help & support. You are not alone.❣️ 👋🏽 Let’s connect! IG: @riya.madhyani LinkedIn: [email protected]