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🚨 Appearing in a room and/or on stage is not an endorsement of anything said in the room. Civil Rights & Criminal Defense Lawyer. Partner @ Mincey Fitzpatrick Ross, LLC. Father, Husband, Advocate. Philly. ⚖️ Stuff: 🎓J.D.; M.A. (Experimental Psychology) Vice President - ACLU of Pa Board of Directors Secretary - Defenders Association of Philadelphia Board of Directors Barristers Association of Philadelphia - Advisory Board Member Board of Governors of Philadelphia Bar Association Former Vice President - Pa Innocence Project Board of Directors Former Assistant Federal Public Defender Former Federal District Court Law Clerk for The Hon. James C. Cacheris 🚨The views expressed by me are mine alone and not that of any of the organizations to which I belong. 🚨I am an attorney, but I am not YOUR attorney. My comments do not and cannot serve as legal advice for your situation.