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The #1 Direct Seller of Energy and Telecoms Globally 🌍 Entrepreneur | Mentor | Speaker 🎤 | investor ✳️ Moderator 💰£Richtalk23 Showing YOU how to monetize your bills and turn them into passive income like some of the biggest players in the game. 📷 - DM’S ARE OPEN @richsingh23 28 Years of business now operating across 27 countries. 🔸Partners Available 🔹 Mobile / Sim Only 🔹Home & business Security 🔹Broadband 🔹Payment Processing 🔹Home & Business Energy From a single-parent family of 6 with no business experience to running a global business currently having active business in 17 different countries from Home 🏠 🌍 💻 From surviving a critical illness I soon realised there’s a lot more to give to the world than to take. Go-Giver 🙏🏽 What we do every time someone pays their Bill!!! 👶🏽 Project feeding kids 🌾 Feeding America 🇺🇸 💙 Excited to bring opportunity for those looking to take advantage of passive income but more importantly a chance to give everyone hope in the business world. BOOK OF THE YEAR - The Go Giver - Bob Burg and John David Mann Let’s stay CONNECTED in a DISCONNECTED world 🌍 LinkedIn- Facebook - Richard Singh IG - 👇