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Author, sector writer and speaker📚✍️📢 PROPERTY DEVELOPER🏢🏭🏚 since 1976 Senior advisor to investors and new & established property developers. Board advisor to established Property Developers and Main Contractors. The Enlightened Developer: 46 years experience of land, planning, construction, Housebuilding and business in the UK 🇬🇧 Providing sustainable homes and homeownership for all. Passionate about maximising margin and minimising risk. Land Planning Main contractor🏗🏚 Joint ventures with landowners, developers and contractors. Facebook group Housebuilding Business Community For personal views on life and other less important stuff connect with me on my personal Facebook page. Co-Author - The Housebuilding Handbook📚 Regular contributor in Property Investor News✍️ Keynote speaker 📢 Artificial Intelligence Investor