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Richard Webb




📈Founder of WebByWebb.Digital SEO, social media management, Wordpress website developement, video, hosting, email marketing 🔗 www. WebByWebb.Digital 💪Bodybuilder & ✍️ author of 📘’Fat Burning Secrets’ on Amazon ❓What if you could get 16 hours/week of resistance & cardio training results with only 4 hours/week of effort? That’s 75% savings of time. 😄You can - I do! ✅ I won the Masters Division (2 times) and the Lightweight Division in famed Muscle Beach Bodybuilding contests in Venice Beach using what I write about in my book, 📘”Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness.” 🔗 www.FatBurningSecrets.Life 🎥 Host of YouTube series #2MinutesToABetterYou A series of 2 minute (give or take seconds) videos providing health hacks. View, like, share & subscribe. 🙏. Find my videos/channel by 👀 searching in your browser: #2minutestoabetteryou