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Richard Yo




Product guy. Let’s build stuff, chill and drink🧋 Products about Food 🍔 (iCHEF), Crypto 🪅 (no longer exists), MarTech 💻 (Appier), Mobility 🛵 (GoShare, Gogoro) for — the People. We are what we listen to. ✌️ —— A bit more beyond products —— Podcast: 中年維基 🎙 社群小編 臉書🔍:中年維基 A community for music lovers— Fb: 音樂|樂團、表演與音樂祭分享 🎧 Kotlin Taipei moderator 🧑🏻‍💻 Re: CBD 大麻二酚 Fb: Charlie’s Better Days 查理好日子 🌿