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Richard Chen




🇹🇼🇺🇸Creator, host on @RedactedPod, Yelp Elite Brooklyn 9y, webapp tech lead for $ 🏫AON Hewitt, Scholastic, 5 digital startups, big 3 agency today 🎨Profile illustration by @aerikim; touting @lieselmendoza’s Mentoring Club 🗣EN native, ZH-TW ZH-CN conversational / HSK 1, FR beginner 📝listen/learn from many, unpack emotions, personally offended by injustice, leery of power, allergic to malice, unimpressed by glam, enemy of injustice (even by those alleging justice), whistleblower of fraud; incessant curiosity is a big lure thus a large array of interests, clubs; truly cherish my friends here; allergic to drama; I follow selectively to ensure credibility; curator of things purposeful 🧠ESFJ-T, enneagram 2, disc S 💡I derive no $, power, titles off my advocacy to ensure the cause’s success 🚪Tony’s Treehouse/NerdyHouse, Food is Religion; InsoMusic, Music Holic, Pug Radio, Himalayan Voice, EDM (much of my 🎶❤️); BioPharma United, Medical Collective, etc.; inactive: P/P/P, CH CoffeeHouse, YeSuDa, MODERNCHI- 🗺NJ raised, CMU, NJIT📍Brooklyn 🗓 updated 16 Feb 2024