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Richelle Richards




An Empath out here creating safer emotional spaces for organizations and businesses🐘 DM for a discovery call if you are ready to maximize your organization/business’s potential. ❣️Mommy ❣️Artist ❣️Art Psychotherapist ❣️Consultant/Coach ❣️island girl at heart❣️ 🇧🇲🇬🇧 🇺🇸 “I help organizations/businesses prioritize their teams mental health and well-being”. When you genuinely care about the stresses in the lives of your employees There is an increase in: ✅ Job/work pride ✅ team cohesion ✅ department/team communications ✅ company commitment And more importantly, productivity rises. Which means increase sales for you. —————————————————- Specialized in 🎯Creative Trauma recovery 🎯 Workplace PTSD 🔥Burnout Oh wait🙋🏽‍♀️ While I am a licensed psychotherapist and consultant, no information, suggestions or comments in this forum should be counsidered as therapeutic interventions or a therapeutic relationship with me. It is meant for exploration and discussion purposes only. If you’d like to book a complementary call to discuss individual therapeutic/coaching services email [email protected] BAAT and HCPC registered therapist Private Practice owner