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🍀 Sustainability is good 🌳 Regeneration is better 🏢 Silicon Valley Survivor 👨‍💻 Former IT Manager 🌱 A Plant-based lifestyle is the single most impactful way to be the change everyday Made in 🇺🇦 || Grew up in Chicago || Live in 🇵🇷 Future Founder of OMG! || Organically Modified Genetics Future Founder of Sea Questers || Gamified Blue Carbon Sequestration Future Founder of Reefr || Coral Reef Restoration Future Founder of Knotfood || Organic Alternative Meats Future Founder of Attohouse || Modular micro homes for the homeless Future Founder of Healing Gaia Festival || Enough burning it's time to heal Future Founder of FoodLots || 🌳 Agroforestry Advisor 🗺️ Bioregional Biophiliac 🔋 Cleantech Cultivator 🧩 Dystopian Doubter 🌎 Ecotopian Evangelist 💱 Fair-trade Facilitator ✳️ Green-energy Generator 🙇 Humanitarian Healer 🏕️ Indigenous Implementer ⚖️ Justice Journeyman 📖 Knowledge Keeper ❤️ Love Leader 🍄 Mycelium Manufacturer 🗜️ Nanotechnology Neuromancer 🥗 Organic Optimizer 🌱 Permaculture Planner ❓ Quantum Quarantining 🌐 Regenerative Regenerator 🍃 Sustainability Sequestrator 💻 Tactical Technologist 💚 Universal Unconventionalist 🧠 Virtuous Virtuoso 🦙 Wildlife Worshiper 🎋 Xeriscaping Xenodochy 🧘‍♂️ Yearning Yogi 😴 Zzzzzzzzzzzzz My vision for transitioning to Game B: A perpetual bio-regional music eco-festival called Healing Gaia | Blending the World Expos of years past with Burning man, composting the destructive aspects into regenerative practices. There will be areas for healing modalities and workshops in: ecosystem restoration, indigenous wisdom, veganic permaculture, biocyclic food forests, algae cultivation, seaweed carbon sequestration and bioremediation, alternative energy production, natural building and construction, community food resiliency, plant medicines, co-habitation, complexity science, sense-making, integral theory, design thinking, first principles thinking, mental models, shadow work, circling, yarning, and much more. Connect with me if you are a passionate contributor from the above list and want to make this vision real