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💥💥“Rex’s book Life On Your Terms is brilliant! It offers cutting-edge tools that take you to another level. It’s a practical manual with a fresh take on personal growth & transformation that’s infused with love, wisdom, & some truly innovative ideas. This book offers hope to anyone.” – Lydia Cornell Actor 🙏 🌟🌟Rex helps millions of people transform their mindset, emotions, self-talk, behaviors & lives to skyrocket their results. He’s led the field for over 40 yrs. 🌏🌏🌏 Master your mindset and you master your life! Rex is THE Mindset Master & Attitude Doctor responsible for so many thought leaders who’ve learned from and benefited from his pioneering work. You will too! 💥💥Innovations include: Mind Design™ & Directed Questions™ & Attitude Activator™ ⚡Master Trainer & Developer of Mind Design, NLP & DHE, ⚡Hypnosis, Whole Brain & Accelerated Learning ⚡Law of Attraction - Manifest Money ⚡Master Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist ⚡Author - Actor - Producer - Director ⚡TV Host/Columnist L A Tribune All Things Rex ⚡Host Create Your Best Life With Rex ⚡Rex Sikes Movie Beat podcast ⚡Founder of IDEA Seminars 💥💥 Transformative online programs & live events on Mind Design™, Law of Attraction, NLP, Brain-training meditation, & spirituality. 💥💥 💥💥Consults for actors, speakers, medical, attorneys, news media, film industry, celebrities & you. Specializes in expert modeling & business consulting. 💥💥 CONTACT FOR: speaking engagements, interviews, consulting, coaching, training, podcasts, collaborations, summits, panels, networking & partnerships 💎Clients include CEOs, sales pros, administrators & personnel managers, doctors, law enforcement, small business owners, investors, teachers, educators & people from all walks. What they share in common is a desire to live life on their terms & create their own best life. 🏅Life On Your Terms: “This may be the wisest, more realistic, & most helpful book I’ve come across. I’ve been a self-help book addict for at least five decades & I’ve read many of the greats. This is up there with the greats & maybe beyond. Besides extraordinary insights, the style is accessible & compelling. I loved LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. Buy it!" Mitzi Perdue, Author♥️ 🏅🏅“Rex’s book is the road map to successfully & fully chase the excellence you desire & deserve. Happy reading.” – Mark Victor Hansen💯👑 🏅🏅🏅"Rex Sikes is my own present-day personal thought trainer" – Karen Barben Napoleon Hill's Great-granddaughter⭐⭐⭐