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Renee Frances Conn




🪵🔥 🚀 I Create Experiences and Curate Conversations around Relationships, Communication and Culture❣️⛵️🎯 🎸🌟💃🏻 Founder and Facilitator of THE WISDOM GATHERING QUEST brought to you by: PROJECT REMARKABLE: 💞 WELCOME to the ADVENTURE⛵️ 🎯 “THE PURPOSE” MAKING BUSINESS and LIFE BETTER for WE THE PEOPLE - Transmuting Loneliness - Curating Wisdom & Creativity - Purpose Activation - Business As Spiritual Expression - Personal Relational Work - Rest and Revitalization - Healthy Human Development - NOURISHING THE GOOD - Discernment 🐝🏹 MISSION: test this theory: that nourishing the good + curating wisdom and creativity is the key to transmuting loneliness AND the best answer for cultivating healthy human development. We are starting right here on Clubhouse. JOIN THE ADVENTURE: These conversations are around how to win at THE GAME in business and life. 🎤 RADIO and STAGE 🎪 🎸⭐️ NOW BOOKING: Authors and Expert Presenters I am here CURRATING people and ideas that support the MISSION and PURPOSE. Are you my kind of person, a true colleague and peer? Kin? 💁‍♀️ SEEKING: Excellent Speakers, Teachers, Facilitators, Coaches and Consultants to further the cause. 🏆 Business As Spiritual Expression/Experience 💞 Stories of LOVE and RESILIENCE 🤣 Renewal of the Good/Kind Sense of Humor (…is that even a thing?) 🌷 NOURISHING THE GOOD! WANT TO COLLABORATE? ✍️🗣 Send DM via (IG) INSTAGRAM to Schedule Your Determination Conversation and FIND OUT IF: WE ARE A GOOD MATCH for Collaboration.