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“You must first live a result to be able to give a result” Dr. Rashid A Buttar “Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.” Issac Asimov 🍅I enjoy organic gardening, food preservation, and naturally supporting my health. 🪴I love learning and sharing gardening tips. 🌱I sew seeds compatible for my zone 👩‍🌾 plan on trying some new and unusual crops to my area this year 🌿Inspired to increase my medicinal garden 🍃Visit my shop and learn why I love Vika’s Essentials natural skincare so much I had to share with the world International Association for a Disease Free World (IADFW) Member Join me and become a member too at invite code 144269 Preview: Find Dr. Buttar and many doctors @ Crwd.World Distributor Disappointed in Facebook for censoring and misinformation? Ask me how to join CrwdWorld, where your tribe is waiting to connect. Obtain silver backed digital assets “CrwdUnits” at Please do not contact me about crypto. I am not interested.