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Justin Smith




I help busy Professionals build wealth through collaborative investment in Apartment/Student Housing Real Estate. I enjoy Networking See: #ConstructionTIPTUESDAY on social media: IG, L-In 🌟💼Founder, CEO of Relequity Enterprises, LLC ⭐️⭐️ 🏘 a Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Investor buying multi-family Properties throughout the US.  🎯Target States: AZ, CO, ID, TN (Mem), TX (San Antonio, Houston), OH (Columbus, Cinn), 👀SEEKING ➡️ 🏘Apartments 100+ units ✊🏽JV Partnerships 📟Networking 🔦Brokers 🔮Masterminds 🎙Podcast Guesting 🛠Built/Renovated over 1300 MFunits & Student housing 3200 beds since 2015, in CO, ID, HI, CA. 🗝Bought/Sold SFM & MF in Bay Area, Ca, MD, PA 🔑Past Vacant lot Merchant Developer ✅Syndications, JVs ✅Multifamily Acquisitions ✅New Development & Construction ✅Asset Management ✅Project/Construction Management Degrees: ☑️ BSc, MBA Finance & RE , LEED cert., DBIA 📲Email: [email protected] ☎️ ➡️Text me/Call: 510-991-2770 LinkedIn: jusmith1906 A⏀A #getyourshare #getyourpeace #Relequity #ConstructionTipTuesday