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Rekha Bassi




Educator, Edupreneur & Children and Young People’s Play Advocate ♣️Founder of the Play and Education Club. ✳️ NOW HOUSE ! 📖⛹️‍♀️Founder of WraparoundChildcare Business SEUk - The Gap Club 📱Founder of Journey Through Play App Join us to engage, debate and challenge let’s make a difference with & for play: 🗓Wednesdays at 9pm GMT / 4pm ET on various topics. One Hour Rooms, once a month led by Rekha & Ritu One Hour adhoc rooms, based on topics chosen by our community and led by our moderators. Vision for P&E House: - To build a community of people across the 🌍 to be ambassadors for the POWER of PLAY and its proven benefits and value to us and learning. If you want to run a room in our house, please contact Rekha Bassi. Vision for Journey Through Play: - To be the UK household name for Children’s Play and learning. ❤️I love: # working with amazing people to make a difference to children and young people’s lives, DAILY with passion and excellence # to bridge the Gap in business opportunities, creating growth for all # to work with empathetic, mindful and inspirational leaders and mentors # learning,reflecting and effecting change for the greater good # being part of a wider ripple effect Why am I on Clubhouse❓ - I love learning, I never stop learning. CH is the perfect vehicle to be discerning sponge and give back too. - to raise the profile and importance of children’s play in society - to celebrate the achievements of parents and women and children - to work with other entrepreneurs / people that want to raise the game and seek opportunities that will either disrupt, make changes and add value to the current status quo of childcare in and on education. ~ connect with like minded people # stronger together Open to moderating ✳️ co - moderating on: - neuroscience, brain health, nutrition and general well being - SEL / growth mindset - Play and learning especially parent support - leadership & entrepreneurship - personality profiling About me: - Edupreneur - Pharmacist - NLP practitioner - Mental Health First Aider - Mum of 4 - 2 Girls, 2 Boys - Continuous learner and Reflector - Empath - Owner of a Rhodesian ridgeback Dog 🐶 30851 Connect with me:⬇️