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Shereese Floyd-Thompson




Marketing & Brand Story Strategist | TEDx Speaker and Coach - Founder of the Witness My Life. Join me for Witness My Life Wednesday at 11AM Eastern. Check the link to connect and review all my current offers: ❇❇︎❇ My Deets: ❇︎❇❇︎ 
I train speakers, business, leaders and executives master their personal and business stories to increase demand for their services and impact the world so they can provide from the transformation they provide. 
 I partner with aspiring TEDx speakers how to uncover their ideas worth spreading, write their talks and deliver the presentation of their lives. I work with corporations on how to get everyone on the same page united around a strategic narrative that drives success in marketing, sales, fundraising, recruiting, onboarding, production and productivity — and ultimate culture so you can stand out in the marketplace and never compete on price.  If you are: ✨a speaker who needs to motivate
✨a teacher who needs to inspire
✨a preacher who needs to guide
✨a leader who needs to lead
✨a coach who needs to influence
✨a salesperson who needs to persuade
✨an activist who needs to advocate
✨a business owner who needs to sell 
✨an entity that doesn’t want to be commoditized 
 👉🏾You are a StoryMaker … and I’m the woman for you. WHERE TO FIND ME: 
🍀🏠Join My Clubhouse - Witness My Life Society & TEDx Idea Lab 🙋🏾Leadership Storytelling for Women Community Facebook 🖥 🎙Featured in Blavity, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Women in Business honoree, Cicero Speechwriting Award for my TEDx - The Secret to Healing the World. 
 ❇❇︎❇ What I believe: ❇❇︎❇ 
 ➡️Everyone has a story. ➡️All stories matter. ➡️To heal the world you must be a witness. ➡️Your story is your superpower. 
💕 My core values are love, justice, legacy and autonomy. 

💵Cash App: $ReesyThompson 💰HOW TO WORK WITH ME:💰 
✓ Enroll in my program: Witness My Life ✓ Book me for consulting/coaching
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