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Reena Gupta




I am no bird ;and no net ensnares me ; I am a free human being with an independent will .. # कोई पूछे मेरे बारे में… तो कह देना इक लम्हा था जो गुज़र गया,, कोई पूछे तेरे बारे में… मैं कह दूंगा इक लम्हा था जो मैं जी गया..!!….. -A perfectionist Virgo, constantly qualifying and rethinking…. बेकार बंदूकें ताने खड़ी है दुनिया, तबाह तो मुस्कुराहटें ही करती हैं! Both Heart n Delhi may have been worn out ; but some little pleasures still remain in this ruined house ..! “Mera Sheher nahin Mehfil hai “ A party person Loves to socialize Love to talk to all Loves coffee ☕️ outside n tea 🍵 at home