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Jabbar Fairweather




My Mission is to Inspire, Educate, and Enable, A Million people, earn 6 figures and achieve stability as Micro-preneurs by 2025 👇🏽 ✳️ Opportunity Zones and Fund Information GET STARTED OR DIVE DEEPER INTO OPPORTUNITY ZONES AND OPPORTUNITY FUND DEVELOPMENT. WHERE TO START, WHAT YOU NEED, AND MORE. THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS WITH THE RIGHT ANSWERS. WE HAVE DEVELOPED MORE OPPORTUNITY FUNDS THAN ANY OTHER ENTITY IN THE COUNTRY. LET US DEVELOP YOUR OPPORTUNITY FUND TURN KEY FOR YOU! 👉🏽 Bio.. -Started in Real Estate 1996 -Online Since 1996 -Got my Real Estate license in 2001 💰 Money 💻 Internet Marketer 🎤 Speaker 🏦 Investor 🇯🇲 One Love I like to help Grow your Band and expand my network... -like working with like minded people. -CEO LocaL Homebuyers LLC -Better Than Success a Real Estate Club where we been meeting every Wednesday @7:00 pm for over 4 years talking about everything Real Estate Connect with Me and Many Topics 👨🏽‍💻Internet Marketing 🤑Investing 🌪Funnels 🗣Creating Your Offer 🧑🏽‍🎨Branding ✅Crypto currency investor 🌆 Opportunity Zones 🏛 Opportunity Funds -How to start a business -Running a 6-7 figure Business -building your team Books 👇🏽 10❌ Sold or Be Sold Expert Secrets Traction The Millionaire Next Door The One Thing 👇🏽------Follow----👇🏽