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Nina Hirt




Business coach & organic engagement queen 🔥 Working with 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to make sure they are getting in front of their next clients. 🥂 No BS business coach helping women scale their biz without slimy messages 🤑 🥂 The best and only Social media managing agency ran by a business coach so you can have organic engagement with targeted leads to blow up your business 🤩 ⚡️ Over $100K generated for coaches in 6 months with targeted organic lead gen ⚡️ Replaced corporate income in less than 6 months ⚡️ Helped clients bring in over 250K in sales since June LGBT🌈 Changing lives with the daily messy bun and overuse of the word fuck 🥳 WARM AUDIENCE ACCELERATOR The only program by a biz coach and social media manager to help you warm up your audience for your next launch 🔥 Link on IG👇🏼