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Rebecca Bitton




I help heart-centred overachieving entrepreneurs reach heightened levels of self love, authenticity, and purpose. πŸ’ͺ🏽Mental Health Bipolar Warrior πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈ Trauma informed mental wellness coach 🀍 Inner critic tamer πŸ—¨ Mental health speaker 🏫 Certified educator πŸ’ Founder and CEO of Be and Become - 12 week self empowerment and self actualization program. πŸ’₯ Break free from social expectations and conformity and reclaim your power through your autonomy πŸ’₯ Discover and develop your authentic self to prevent and combat imposter syndrome πŸ’₯ Actualize your vision and best life buy aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions to show up as the best version of yourself πŸ’₯ Get out of your own way and release yourself from self doubt, perfectionism, and self critical nature πŸ’₯ Cultivate lasting self love by recognizing and maximizing your divine gifts and individual strengths and learn how to master yourself. Join Saturdays at 11:00 EST to 1 pm EST for the official Be and Become clubhouse. Want a FREE assessment? Get a free 30 minute strategy session to learn your healing style and identify the personalized wellness and performance tools and strategies that work for you! Free Powerbook (journal, planner, gratitude journal, CBT sheets and habit tracker) Click here to book a session: Don't just feel better but be better. Healing is about learning to love our whole selves and reclaiming our right to architect our own lives. The darker the darkness the brighter the light you will have to offer the world -Rebecca I created my Be and Become program to empower those struggling with self awareness and wellness tools and strategies to become more resilient, less doubtful more self forgiving and free from the dependence on years of therapy. Follow me for trauma informed mental wellness tips, strategies and coping mechanisms @rbitton on IG