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Dr.Rao Kolusu



friends To contact me : Wellness Club Looking for daily inspiration and guidance on wellness practices? Join my My wellness club . The membership link is Join the Club for daily yoga,breathing and meditation. DM on Instagram for more info. CEO of BE A PAL, LLC AI enthusiast and talks on benefits and dangers lurking. 🔥Wellness and Burnout coach, THERAPEUTIC LIFESTYLE for stress and. Burnout relief. 🌿Chief wellness officer. Of Be A Pal LLC Promote wellness of individuals, populations and 🌍PLANET 💚Collaborating with heads of healthcare systems and corporations to make wellness a way of life 🩺M.D 40 years of Internal medicine clinical & Administrative experience 🖥MBI Mastersi in Biomedical Informatics 🙏 Ancient Wisdom of yoga, 🧘‍♂️ meditation to promote 🌿 wellness by preventing burnout. with yoga 🧘‍♂️, breathing and 🕉 meditation for SELF ACTUALIZATION with routines integrated into daily activities. 🏃 ❤️ CH Houses House :Be a pal 6 pm every day. Facebook group ‘ Conquer Burnout’ 10 am live .daily LinkedIn live Monday 9 am live Dr.Rao in yoga practice through wellness club daily am & pm in central time zone USA on zoom CONTACT INFORMATION [email protected] DM WhatsApp#15633578786 Available for speaking engagements, interviews, podcasts & collaborations Followed by Ashish Vidhyarthi ,Alex fair Chandler park, Dr.cindy Duke, Janet Mae Manning