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Ranjanna M Hvenegaard




❤️ Be the Change I Want to See in the World ❤️ ❤️ My gift in life is that i am helping people to find their inner voice, their true potential and passion in life. I help them remove obstacles, pain and sufflering that are preventing them to live their dream life. 🇩🇰 I was truly gifted when I was born in India and adopted to a loving family in Denmark. ❤️ Therefore, I am also known as the empowering Adoption Life Coach where I am helping adoptees to find their own identity, accept themselves and find their inner self-worth. ❤️ My mission is also to give back to the Community and Country i was born in and therefore I have just created Hvenegaard Charity Adoption Corp 🌍 and the purpose of it is to help orphans children in India that are homeless, parentless and eliminate the childrens exposure to sex-trafficking. 🩸In 2019 September I ended up at the ER with HEART-ATTACK pre-condition and went on a 4-6 months of examination of my heart, many blood test and lungs. All my test was perfectly fine. SO WHY did I end at the ER with those symptoms??? The dried blood test I was given few months before I finally saw the results showed that I had slightly inflammation in my body. The company’s test and health concept literally saved my life. SO NOW my MISSION and VISION in this world is to save lives by educating people about health and their health condition. I help others to become balanced & healthy with omega 6-3 blood home testing kit. 🩸I support them to analyse their cells health condition. 🩸I bring back your health into the right omega 6-3 balance ratio to avoid life-style diseases with a nutrition test based proved concept within 120 days. It saved my life.🦠 🎤 International Speaker Adoption Awareness 🎤 Be featured on Adoption Live Talk-Show 📕 Author - One Voice Empowering Life Lessons about Adoption ⭐️ Adoption Life Coach LLC ⭐️ The Heart Place LLC ⭐️ Hvenegaard Adoption Charity Corp 🌎 Usui Reiki Master Healer 🌍 PhD in thinking and feeling as an Adopted 🌎 International speaker 🌎 Conscious Parents - bringing an orphan child to a family home 🌍 MER - Mental emotional release / NLP 🌍 Help individuals to overcome abuse 🌍 Mentally, Spiritual, Emotionally and Physical 🦠 Health Science 🦠 Let food be your pharmaco nutrition 🌍 PA for Tony Robbins Mentor Craig Richards 🌍 Volunteered Anthony Robbins Foundation 2014-2018 📅 CH Club Facts Omegas 3’s 🦠🥑 📅 CH Club Adoption Live Talk Show 🌍