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Co-Founder : Laminar.Global, Next Gen No-Code enterprise-grade video streaming platform. Previous: Twitter / / Snap Fellowships: Harvard / Yale / Stanford / Asia 21 Leaders / Aspen Kashmir / North America He/Him 'You should probably avoid running for office.' - Francis Fukuyama Deep conversations about Storytelling, Food, Streaming Tech, Social Platforms, Social Movements, Politics, the State of Democracy in South Asia, Future of Journalism/Media Tech, Identity, Culture & Bollywood! Detailed Bio: Join my clubs: Storyteller Sessions Streaming Wars Club/Show Details: Storyteller Sessions What is the current cultural landscape of South Asia? What forces have shaped it, what factors are driving it & where is it headed? Join Storyteller Sessions for great, detailed conversations with some of the most influential & articulate South Asian cultural figures - Actors, Academics, Writers, Musicians, Politicians. Previous Guests: Actor Swara Bhaskar, MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, Zeb Bangash, Konkona Sensharma, Hansal Mehta, Richa Chadha, T M Krishna Upcoming: P Thiaga Rajan, Ali Fazal, Ravish Kumar, Mahua Moitra, Assadudin Owasi, Shashi Tharoor Places that Pull, Markets that Matter Co-Hosting with @Jaitly Timing/Frequency: Fridays 10a EST Weekly What are the places that will pull and the markets that will matter in the coming years and decades? Join us - long-time place-based entrepreneurs & executives - in our exploration of places and markets near and far. Each week, we will explore a different community, country and context with a special guest. What makes this place tick? What are the outstanding habits of its people, audiences and customers? And what examples are there, if any, of outsiders finding their footing and flow? From Indiana to India, join us! Guests So Far Faraz Khalid, CEO Noon Ashwini Ashokan, Founder/CEO MadStreetDen /VueAi Michael Salby, Obama CTO '08, CIO '12 #StreamingWars: The Fight For Our Living Rooms Biweekly, Tuesdays 6pm EST Conversations with Global Industry Leaders at the intersection of streaming, cinema, the future of TV that explore the role tech shaping this reality across the world.