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Raghu Nathan




A 52 year Indian ... would like to listen more than talking..... after realising talking is a serious fact most of the speakers produce "sound" ... only a few talk .... I believe in science .... not in "believes" centuries old .. interested in....most of the things .. but doing nothing other than eating in time.. and listening clubhouse...if you ask my views ----it will be like explained below.... when it is matters family .. for that I exist.. when it is friendship ....for that I beg ...but only few were kind enough to offer friendship.. when it is music i love it like any other human ... but not to put others in trouble I forget i have vocal chords ....but only pair of wide ears. when it is knowledge ..... I seek it like a blackhole... when it is love ..I would like to spread like a supernova.. when it is wisdom ... i practice silence ,only to pretend i am wise when it intelligence ... i wait to wait and watch others results.. when it is fighting.... cruel wins ... brave perishes... but i am neither when it is sharing... i am a bucket with many holes... when it is food ... my mouth feels too small...... when someone say i am bad..... i respect their wisdom .... when someone say i am good , i feel like a best actor.. finally believe that those who matter do not judge me and those who judge me do not matter .... know little bit of electron's behavior when they are free from one of the fundamental forces of nature and travel through various media.. know how to control them to work for us including what you read now (some people call us electronics engineers)... You can always reach me using.6282862536