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Rafal Milek-Horodyski




REMEMBER the FUTURE Club LEADERSHIP metaCODE series PL_Fri, 800 CET 🦅Executive, Performance Coach, Mentor since 1996, 9800+ professionals/ 37 nationalities coached/trained. Physical & Zoom sessions waiting for you - don’t hesitate to contact me 📱when in need to cope now🌡🧨 to excel 🚀 tomorrow... 📥[email protected] I merge Performance Leadership, Sport, Longevity Medicine into one. Professional effectiveness rely on BODY_MIND_EMOTIONS optimization... Living - thriving, riding full potential of your GENOTYPE is achievable. Let me help you find convincing answers to “the How” and WIN your battles. 🗺Founder at HORODYSKI Leadership Development Intl, ⚙️Leadership Behavior Researcher, ________SpokeWheel - SYMMETRY________ 360Feedback, 11-Behavioural Polarities Leadership Profiling Inventor, 🧭Executive Coach, EMBA_Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 🩺Health & Preventive Medicine Coach, Internal Medicine Specialist/ focus on Endocrinology&Oncology, 🔭Visionary, 🎙Speaker; 🖥 📇Fellow at Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School 🖥 ⏳LIFEBOOST - ŚCIEŻKA ZDROWIENIA 💪 SPORTS MEDICINE 4 EVERYONE 🎙Podcasts: 🥋Martial Arts life-time student ⛩ - Aikido Birankai Nidan - BJJ Purple Belt 🤸🏻🤼‍♂️⛹🏻Sports Medicine evangelist 🎯I'll help you/your organisation regain traction, energy and joy to explore new worlds. Performance and Health naturally synergise - let’s partner to harmonise and find the sweet spot. Expect me treating you/your team with dignity, curiosity, passion, love and professionalism. 🔬MY WAY IS ABOUT BLENDING: Challenge & Care_Love Science & Common Sense, Empiric & Research based Perspective, Emotions & Mind (Neuroscience) & Body (Sports, Endocrinology, Internal & Preventive Medicine). 📐🛠🏺WHAT SHAPED ME ? __Having coached & trained 9700+ diverse, fabulous people, __Saving lives as MD 🩺💉Endocrinology, Oncology, __Fathering 2 daughters, one of them multiple Champion in 💃🏼, __Serving as Physician in high-security prison⛓, __17+ years AIKIDO BIRANKAI practice; competing in BJJ 🤼‍♂️ Masters3 IBJJF European Champion 2022 __Developing own Leadership Development, Assessment tools, mobile Apps. 📥[email protected]