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Rafael Puebla




Former International Marketing Executive turned Wisdom Teacher | On a purpose of creating more mindful and compassionate workplaces. Te ayudo a vivir en una creciente plenitud personal. Mindfulness | Inteligencia Emocional | Semiología de la Vida Cotidiana. Proudly 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Certified Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Teacher by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.🧠❤️ Certified Mindfulness Teacher by the International Mindfulness Teacher Association. 🌎 Viviendo desde la cultura del entusiasmo y la paz interna. Consultor y Comunicador Certificado en Semiología de la Vida Cotidiana 🕊 Founder of OnBeing Mindful 💡 Host del podcast Presencia Plena 🎙 Training ‘000s of leaders in Mindful Leadership across Fortune 500 companies including Mastercard, American Express, Lenovo, Bank of Montreal, Applied Materials, Novartis, Capital One, Hershey’s, Novo Nordisk and more. Mentor of Mindfulness Teachers in Training. Be Mindful. Be Present 📍 📓Quote of the month: “You need to remember your Buddha nature and your social security number” Ram Dass